Wedding Catering in Auckland and Affordable Prices

Many people associate a wedding with an expensive price tag. However this is far from the truth. It is possible to have a successful wedding and reception at an affordable price. Southern Spit Roast & BBQ Company has managed to come up with a package that enables couples to have their big day in amazing surroundings and good food at a reasonable price. They make wedding catering in Auckland at affordable prices. This has seen them offer their services to the residents of Waikato and Northland region as well.

The spit roast is an important delicacy in New Zealand. It is a prominent feature in their functions. This company has managed to make it their centerpiece meal. It is on all their menus. This means that couples can have delicious spit roast meats served on their big day. To ensure that all couples that get in touch with them get to enjoy this special food, they have come up with a number of menu packages. This means that having a lovely wedding and good food for their guests is possible no matter their budget. The wedding catering in Auckland has great prices. This has made them the preferred caterer of choice for many couples in the region.

The packages are quite a number. Couples get to choose what fits into their budget. This does not mean that they will receive inferior services. On the contrary, all clients get the same high quality services no matter their budget. This company lives up to their motto:  your wedding plus their involvement equals your success. The menu includes spit roast meats, hot vegetables, fresh salads, freshly baked bread with butter and desserts. An extra such as sea food is served between a $1 to $4 at the most. It is possible to have a successful wedding and catering in Auckland at prices that are friendly.  Guests with special dietary needs are not forgotten either. They will get to eat food that suits them. These are some of the things the bride gets to discuss with the chef before the special day.

Southern Spit Roast &BBQ Company has access to great locations for wedding receptions. They are both indoors and outdoors. They are part of their plan to provide couples with settings that will make their big day extra special. Corporate companies can also sign up to use these facilities for their events. They are affordable.   For large ceremonies, the owner of this company throws in a chauffeur driven Mercedes and Chevy truck. This is a pleasant surprise that many couples appreciate. Having your wedding catering in Auckland at prices that are amazing does lower the initial costs.  Have a look at their website and learn more about the services they have to offer.  Get in touch with them and let them make your big day a special one at your budget. It is possible to have a grand wedding with their affordable packages.  Their website has more information.